About Us

We are some part-time bloggers from Assam who want to share their knowledge with all the new bloggers or onliners. We have all been blogging for many years. But because we are part-time bloggers, so we do not have any particular identity. Whatever we have in mind, we write it down. And because we all have our own work, we are not able to give much time to blogging.

Therefore, with the advice of all of us, we have come out with this blog, in which we will gather all our knowledge and give shape to the guide. By the way, it is worth mentioning that we are all people in the computer software field. And we will all share our best knowledge here, which will be free forever. If anyone has any benefit from this blog, then we will consider our work worthwhile.

Here we will show our knowledge on blogging, SEO, and how to earn money online. We will also share our computer knowledge as much as possible. Our aim is that new bloggers and people who want to earn money online should get all kinds of knowledge required from this blog. They do not have to waste their time by doing many searches on the net. And don't be a victim of scams either.

We will be very happy if any of you can send us your suggestion as a comment or a mail. And if you want some knowledge on a new subject or topic related to Internet and Computer, then you can also tell us by writing a comment or mail. We will be very happy to share that answer with you.

Sharing is caring, so do not forget to share this blog with your friends and who are eager to get the knowledge of it.

Thank you very much to all of you for coming to this blog.

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