Why do we use Facebook? To connect with friends and families, for entertainment, to get updated news about some topic, to earn money. Yes, many people out there are using Facebook and other social media as a way to earn money for a living. It's not a hard job to find a way how we can earn money using Facebook. There was a time when most of us people are not aware of what spamming was, spammers earned a lot of spamming on Facebook. This is a bad thing to spam social media. It is illegal. But there are still many good ways to earn the profit out of Facebook.

In this post, I am discussing the best ways of using which you can earn money on Facebook. I will also discuss on a different post about the other social media.

Why Facebook?

There may be very little or none who don't know what is Facebook and don't use it. Facebook is the first place that Internet marketers target. It is so can called an ocean of traffic and customers. To earn from Facebook first you have to decide what are going to do.

If you have a product. Any, digital or physical the best place to start selling it is by using social media like Facebook. You can also try affiliate marketing to earn if you don't own any product but are good for selling. Lately, Facebook had introduced its marketplace section, where you can sell your old used stuff as well as new stuff.
What is the difference? Many people are doing this and taking a lot of profit. So, what is the best way? The best way is to drive traffic and earn from it. 

The Best Way

The best way depends on what you like to do the most. But if I have to suggest then the best way is to create a fan page or group on Facebook. Groups are more effective than a page now. More people reach the thing you share. 

What will you do creating a followers list?

You have already liked a lot of Facebook pages and on many different Facebook groups. Did you ever imagine why they are doing so? Yes, many of them are earning huge amounts without you knowing. Simply Create a blog or website, put some advertisements and drive traffic to your site using the follower list of Facebook.

Saying is simple, but what about doing this. You have to work hard. Find a good niche and target the peoples that are interested in that niche. If you try to sell baby food to youngsters then nobody will buy it. Selecting the right audience is a good option. Or else, create a blog or site according to the needs of your targeting audience. Both are easy, with simple research and some interaction you can find this out. Post daily new posts and quality content to your site or blog and share this with your Facebook fans or followers. And, see the money rolling in your pocket.

What if you don't want to sell, Don't want to create a blog or site.
If you don't want to create a blog or site, then still you can earn money. Because you have the traffic and audience. You can sell the traffics as a gig on fiver, or many sites pay you for posting posts on Facebook or any other social media. This way you are going to promote other people's pages or products to the audience you have.

This article is mainly about earning money from Facebook pages. To get more articles, I want you to ask what you like to know. You can post your Online money earning ways question in the comment section below. And I will definitely provide you the methods you are searching for.

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