What is a blog directory?

A blog directory is basically just a directory of blogs. It could be just your own blog or a wide range of blogs.

How do I get started with a blog directory?

There are several different ways to set up a blog directory. You could start it yourself but I would strongly recommend contacting a PR company. They can manage and maintain your blog directory for you. They have the expertise and will have the connections to help you get started.

What makes a blog directory successful?

You need to make sure that your blog directory is targeted towards your audience, you will have to get on and promote it to potential clients and ensure you have enough links. The more links you have the better it will be for you and your blog directory.

How many members are in my blog directory?

The membership is important for most blog directories and it should be in the thousands, the more the better.

Is it legal to set up a blog directory?

It is legal to set up a blog directory and many are set up by people in their spare time.

Can I use a keyword in my blog directory?

This is a big question and a good blog directory should never be used if a keyword has been blocked by Google. For more information on keyword research and how not to use a keyword check out the post on keyword research.

How do you tell if my blog is a good blog directory?

Generally, a good blog directory should have at least 10,000 unique visitors per month and will do well on SERPs. You can test this by checking out Google’s Knowledge Graph. This is a way to check to see how your blog directory is performing on Google search results. You can do this by going to Google, typing in your blog’s domain name, and then clicking on the Knowledge Graph. This will take you to the Answer box and you can click on the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner of the box and then search your blog domain. You will see results from recent searches you have made on your blog.

Next, you need to test how well your blog directory ranks. If your blog directory is working you will see one or more blog sites show up in the first two or three results. This is not bad as Google is removing some sites that are duplicates. I would advise you do an internal link to your blog directory homepage to ensure that Google cannot find you as a duplicate. If you are really interested in seeing how well your blog directory is doing you can create a keyword-specific search for your blog directory to see how well you rank in search results. You will have to do some research on keywords that your target audience would use to find your blog directory. You can use the keywords on your blog and then create a dedicated page for your directory. If you can make your blog directory rank well you can see the fruits of your labor.

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