You must have heard the name of Quora, maybe you have already used it. If you have not heard the name of Quora, then I want to tell you that Quora is a very large question-answer platform. Where all kinds of people ask all kinds of questions, and in the same way some people answer those questions. All the content of Quora i.e. Question Answers is user generated. If you want, you can join Quora and ask any question about any subject. In the same way, you can also post the answer to any question. 

By the way, it is clearly written in Quora's policy, that Quora is not a platform to Make Money Online. But what to do, we are compelled by habit, we only want to make money online from whatever platform we use. Irrespective of Quora's policy, but you can earn money from Quora both directly or indirectly.

So without wasting much of your time on my nonsense, let us know how you can earn money from Quora.

1. Make Money Joining Quora Space Partner Program:- 

As you already know that Quora is a question-answer site. And just like you create a page or group of your own in Facebook, in the same way, you can also create a space of your own in Quora. Where you can post whatever you want, as well as add contributors and moderators to manage the space. And just like the Facebook page, you can invite your followers and your friends to follow your space.

Previously Quora Space Partner Program Used To Be Inviting Only. But a few days ago Quora implemented a new rule, You can apply for the Quora Space Partner Program whenever your space completes 10$ earning from Quora's Advertisements. If you have 100 followers in your space, then it is very easy. And after getting approval in Quora's Space Partner Program, Quora will share with you most of the advertising income from your space. And you will be able to earn money from your space, and you will also be able to share this earning with the contributors and moderators of your space.

2. Make Money From Targeted High-Quality Traffic:-  

Because Quora is a very big platform, from here you can forward a lot of traffic to your blog or website. Rather it would not be wrong to say that after the search engine, Quora is the best option for targeted high-quality traffic. For this, you will have to provide a link to your blog or site along with it while writing the question answer in Quora. But while sharing your link, you have to follow the rules of Quora. Otherwise, the moderators will unpublish your answer.

By the way, you have nothing to fear about the rules of Quora. Just while writing the answer, you need to keep in mind that you do not ask people to go to your link to read the answer. After writing a good answer according to the question, put your links as a reference or to read more about any topic between the answer. And in this way, all the people who will see your answer, half of them will definitely click on your provided link. Then you will get a lot of traffic, which will be interested in your subject or post.

The most important thing for you to generate income from a blog or a site is traffic. And because of getting a lot of traffic from Quora to you for free, the income of your blog or site will increase.

3. Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing:-

 If you are doing affiliate marketing then Quora is a very good place for that. Where you will be able to easily find customers for your affiliate product. You can also create your own landing page for that, and if you write the answer well, then you can also give a direct affiliate link with your answer. 

For this, you have to first find the relevant questions of the Niche of your affiliate product. After that, write as many good answers as possible to those questions. For this, you can easily tune the answer to those questions using Google. And after looking at many sites, you can write a great answer by taking information from them. After writing the answer, you can provide the affiliate link or links to your landing pages. And due to all the traffic being targeted, the sales of your affiliate product will also increase.

4. Selling your own Product or Service:- 

I will not need to tell you much about this, because of the way you can find customers for affiliate products in Quora, In the same way, you will also be able to find new customers for your own products or services. And the good thing would be that all the traffic would be targeted. You can offer your service like freelancing.

5. Promoting Your Referral link:- 

If you join any online earning program, you will hardly find any program where there is no option of referral earning. In almost every online earning site, if someone joins through your referral link, then you get his profit. That profit can be according to per referral, or you can get the percentage of the earning of the referral.

You can also promote your referral link in Quora with a good answer to one of the questions. By which you will get Referral Signups under you for free. And you will be able to earn more money from your favorite online earning program.

Sometimes some of your answers can be unpublished because of links between your answers. The real reason for this is not actually your given link, but your answer. Because if your answer is not good according to the question, So the moderators of Quora will consider your answer as spam and will unpublished it.

Apart from the answers in Quora, you also get to know people interested in different Niches. So you can find the people interested in your chosen Niche and send them a direct message.

Quora which is a free service, here you can easily adopt any method that can benefit you, that too for free. If you are adopting any other way to earn money from Quora, then definitely tell by commenting below, Which will make it easier for the readers of this blog to know more. And also share this post with your friends, so that they also know more about Quora and start liking using it.

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