Keeping a backup of any site or blog is very important. Anytime the data of your blog or site can be deleted due to server crash. Or it can also happen due to a cyber attack. Sometimes by mistake you can delete your data yourself. If you do not have data backup of your site then you will be in big trouble. That's why it is important that you keep a backup of your data from time to time. So that you can easily use it at the time of need.

Many people do not know that you can also keep a backup of the data of bloggers' blog. However, your backup file will be offline and you will have to download it and store it somewhere safe. But because the size of the file is not too big and because of being a XML file, you will be able to do it easily. Which you will be able to easily upload in Blogger or other blogging platform whenever needed.

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Below I am telling you step by step how to backup the data of your blogger blog and how to upload it in blogger if needed.

Steps to Download Backup File of Your Blogger Blog.

1. Go to Blogger Settings.  

To download the backup from Blogger's blog, first you have to log in to Blogger's site. After login, you have to select the blog whose backup you want to download. By doing this the dashboard of your blog will open in your browser screen. After that you have to scroll down the blog menu shown in the left side of that window. Where below you will get to see the option of settings. You have to simply click in the settings and a new window like the picture given below will open in your browser screen.

2. Search for Manage Blog. 

After clicking in Settings, in the new Windows, you have to scroll down. And that is, you have to find the option of Manage Blog like the picture shown above, which you will easily find. You will find four settings under Manage Blog. Import content, Back up content, Videos from your blog and Remove your blog. These four have different jobs of managing the blog. You can completely remove your blog from Blogger by clicking in Remove Your Blog option.

3. Click on Back Up Content. 

Because you have to download the backup of your blog, then you have to click on the second option which is "Backup Content". 

4. Download the Back Up file and save for Further use. 


On clicking "Backup Content", you will see a window like the picture above. Where on clicking on the download option, all the content of your blog will be downloaded as a XML file. Which you have to save safely in your computer or in any cloud drive, so that you can use it whenever you want. All your blog posts, links to pictures, comments, page contents will be downloaded in this file, Which you have uploaded or posted in your blog so far.

How to Upload Back Upped file on Blogger.

It is also very easy to upload the backup file of blogger blog again in blogger. For this, you have to go to the settings as before (as you did while downloading the backup). After that find the option of Manage Blog. And click on the first option "Import Content". After clicking on "Import Content" you will see a window like the picture given below.

You have to first complete the captcha verification by clicking in the option "I am not a robot". After that, by clicking on import, you have to select your downloaded backup file and click open. And all your content will be uploaded in blogger's blog.

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