There are a lot of “word of mouth” blogs. Do you think that there are writers who only write on blogs, blogging will be their career?

Yes! If your dream is writing for money, then blogging is for you.

Get started by following the bloggers who have become household names – some of them probably even send them money. Learn their writing styles, pay attention to which of their articles you like best and copy their style for your blog. It is impossible to know which articles will be most popular or successful without trying.

Can you write consistently with your blog, without being limited by some of the aspects you hate, such as writer’s block or not knowing what to write about? Can you make a living from it? Can you learn enough to write about anything you want?

Please don’t be discouraged by the lack of success of many successful bloggers. I have been blogging for two years now, and I don’t make as much money from my blog as I hoped. It is a lesson for me to just write because I enjoy it and not to please everyone.

It is hard to explain but the real secret behind their success is when you can write about whatever you want, whether you have a niche or not.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

Be yourself. I have become the most popular among the niche bloggers I am interested in. It happened after I became an internet star with my scientific men swearing blog. If you want to have thousands of followers in your niche, you need to be yourself, don’t try to be like the other bloggers.

Success can be achieved by letting go of the fear of “losing readers”. You can attract many followers by blogging about any subject and for any audience.

Think of an article you know you have a talent for and get started! When I’m asked to write about something, and I don’t want to, I often notice that I just try blogging about the opposite topic, something that I am passionate about, and I soon gain followers in the new niche.

People will always want to read something they believe in and that will excite them.

In life, it is important to be true to yourself and not to sell yourself short.

What to do after you establish your blog and start to get followers?

Get ready for the hard work. It will be difficult to build your blog quickly, and you mustn’t give up, no matter how bad it feels.

After a few months, I found myself in the same position as most of the people who start their blogs. I had spent all my money from the first year and didn’t make any money.

I had to switch from computer blogging to book blogging, my passion at the moment. After a few months, I had almost 200 followers, but I was still in the same situation as many bloggers.

You should put as much time and effort as possible into getting the best results you can. Don’t give up, even though it is very tempting to do so.

To make a living out of my writing, I had to make an enormous personal sacrifice. I had to cut out many luxuries in my life and move in with my parents to save money.

I have always hated the idea of living with my parents, I have always been independent. I know that this is a sacrifice I will have to make for the rest of my life, but I know that it is a sacrifice that is worth it if it means that I can start to make a living out of my blog.

Don’t get discouraged if your initial efforts to get famous online don’t pay off straight away. The long-term goal is worth it, and you will have more money to do what you really want.

When I started my blog, I made a list of all the things I wanted to be able to buy in the future: the house I want to live in, the car I want to have, the date of my wedding…

The idea was that I would sell my blog to a big corporation and make a big salary, but I quickly realized that my blog wouldn’t bring me much money.

Writing is hard, and you will need to devote your time to blogging if you want to succeed.

I still wanted to enjoy some luxury items in my life, even though I could not afford them, but I decided that I would give up those luxuries if I could reach my goal.

I hope that my experiences will help you to find your passion and to set up your blog.


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