If you want to make your blog successful, then it is most important that your blog is search engine optimized. Because without this you will not get traffic from search engines. And search engine traffic is the highest quality traffic for a blog or site. this traffic is also targeted. Due to this sales, and leads increase along with increasing engagement in your blog or site. If you make your blog search engine optimized, then only your blog will show in the search results. The better your blog will be search engine optimized, you will get a position in the search result.

If you want to know about the factors of search engines, then you will get to see more than 200 factors. It will be difficult for everyone to optimize it well. But out of these, there are 4 such factors, which you can see as the pillar of search engine optimization. I will tell you about these four pillars in this post, by following which you will be able to easily bring your blog to the top position of the search result.

Below are the four pillars of Search Engine Optimization –

1. Domain Age.

2. Content Quality.

3. Keywords and use of them.

4. Backlinks. 

Domain Age:- 

The age of the domain plays a big role in search engine optimization. You should know this thing before starting your blog. The older the domain name of your blog becomes, the more its ranking in search engines will increase. This does not mean that you cannot earn profit from blogging with a new domain name. The older your blog gets, the more your blog's domain name authority will increase. And the search engines will like to give a higher ranking to the content of your blog.

Many people say it takes time to earn profit from blogging. That's why you need to be patient in blogging. One reason for this is also the age of the domain. The longer the age of your domain name, the more people and search engines will start to trust it. For this, many professional bloggers use expired Domains or domains that were registered many years ago. Which makes it easy for them to be successful in blogging.

Content Quality:- 

Content is the key to successful blogging. Your blog is nothing without content. And search engines will also look at the content before ranking your blog. The better your content, the easier it will be for your blog to rank well. Good here means that your content should have the quality which, along with search engines, people also like it a lot.

First of all your content should be unique. Unique in blogging does not mean that you cannot write about the topic which is already in other blogs. You can write the same things, but in your own language, using your knowledge. So that the content of your blog does not look copied from other blogs. Your content should contain information. Content that does not contain information and only keywords for search ranking, These days search engines consider them spam, and not indexed.

While writing content or blog posts, you always have to keep this thing in mind that your post is for the people, not for the search engine. That's why people should like your post.

Keywords and Use of Them:-

Keywords and their correct use are very important to rank well in search engines. Keywords are those words or phrases, which people search more in search engines. That is why you need to find related keywords of the Niche of your blog. So that the content of your blog can be seen in the search results against those related keywords. You can easily find all the keywords related to your blog with the help of keyword planner tools. Some keyword planner tools are also found free, so you can use them without spending any money.

After finding good keywords for you, it is also very important to use them properly. Otherwise, you will not get any benefit from keyword research. You should not use keywords too much in your content, which will make your content look spammy to search engines. You must use your chosen keywords in the first paragraph of the article. And along with that, use your keywords in heading and sub-headings. 


After uniquely writing your blog post, informatively, and using keywords, You have to submit your content to the console of the search engine. The crawlers of search engines i.e. robots will crawl your content for search ranking. The robots of search engines will first look at the quality of your content, and see how useful it can be to people. And then you will see how many people are liking your content. And based on this popularity, search engines will give a rank of the search engine to the content of your blog based on the keywords given in your content.

For this, you will need backlinks for your content. Which will tell search engines how popular your content is. And how many people are connected to the content of your blog? The more and better quality the backlinks of your content are, the search engines will consider your content more popular, and give a good ranking. That is why you must create as many and good-quality backlinks for your content as possible.

For new bloggers, it is difficult to optimize all the factors of SEO. And SEO, which is a very big topic, takes a lot of time to learn. So in the beginning, you can easily make your blog successful in search engines with the proper optimization of these four factors, which are the pillars of SEO. And you can bring your blog to the first page of the search result.

If you have any questions, then you can tell us by commenting below. So that we can help you more.

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