10 Tools to Improve Your Writing and Editing Ability.
As I’ve mentioned before, technology is constantly changing in the writing and editing arena. Today, many new editing tools are available for both tools that are available on the market and online.

There are a lot of tools out there and it is important to note that no two are alike, so I won’t list all of them here, but here are ten that I’m currently using. (If you have one of your own to add, please do!)

1. Scrivener

Scrivener is one of the most flexible tools that I’ve used. It’s a much faster tool to use than Evernote, and much cheaper than freelancing software.

2. SES

SES stands for Simple Editor Style Sheet and allows you to have many styles for your writing that change easily from file to file. This is much faster than having to open a different program each time to change your font or line spacing.

3. FocusWriter

A word processor (like Word) that you use from a Windows Desktop.
For some reason, with Word, I have to constantly close and restart, and if it loses focus or has a hard time finding my document, I can’t continue working on it. FocusWriter gets my work done right the first time, and I can’t see the font or page numbers.

4. Dropbox

A popular cloud-based storage system that allows you to store your documents on a computer, then sync the files to any device (i.e. iPad, iPhone, etc). It’s more portable than the Cloud for cloud-based files.

5. DocuSolve

This is free software that I find extremely helpful in testing new content. It allows me to create a prototype page, that is connected to the Microsoft Word document and can be previewed on a variety of computers and devices.

6. LaTeX

A free software (free means free, not free) that provides beautiful printing for your documents. It’s easy to use program to find with the online tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know about it.

7. Essay Outline

Essay Outline helps you create a written outline for your research paper. It can be used to make your writing in a paper format with emphasis on the points that are important to the work, to do with the matter, or to create a more coherent body of work.

8. Reddit

The Reddit community is a goldmine of information. Use it to gain some insightful information and interact with your peers.

9. Archive.org

Archive.org is a free online database that has been around for more than a decade. The database includes everything from old newspapers and magazines to photos and sounds. Many of these types of resources are currently being digitized and added to the website.

10. Pronunciation

The pronunciation search feature allows you to type a word into the search box, and then the pronunciation box will show you what the correct pronunciation is.

More Ideas

If you have any other tools that you use to edit and write, let me know in the comments section.



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