Plugins are a very important aspect of your WordPress blog. With the help of plugins, you can easily manage your blog. Using plugins, you can add different features to your blog. Some functions that you do not find in the basic blog template or settings, you can add them to the blog through plugins.

By the way, you get to see many plugins in the dashboard of WordPress. From where you can choose the necessary plugins for your blog and install them. But here I am going to tell you about those plugins, whose existence is very important for your blog. You must install these plugins in your blog for the basic functionality and growth of a blog.

You will be able to know about 10 such very important plugins below.

1. Akismet Anti-Spam. 

You do not want to see spam comments, or links, or any spam content in your blog. To prevent such spam, you yourself can also check every comment or contact. But a lot of your time can be wasted on this. So if you install the Akismet Anti-spam plugin in your blog, this plugin will check in its global database and block any spam comments or contacts from submission. You can check these in your admin dashboard. So that if by mistake it tells any good content to be spam, then you will be able to approve it.

2. Yoast SEO. 

If you want to see the growth of your blog, then you must manage the SEO of your blog well. Because without SEO, organic traffic of search engines will not come to your blog. That's why the Yoast SEO plugin is a must for your new WordPress blog. Through this, you will be able to easily optimize your blog for the right people with the right keywords. Also, this plugin will give you suggestions in putting links in the post along with content suggestions. If you purchase the premium plan of Yoast SEO you will also get full access to Yoast SEO Academy. Where you will be able to learn well about SEO.

3. Easy Social Sharing. 

Through this plugin, you will be able to add responsive and beautiful social sharing buttons to your blog. which will make it easier for people to share the content of your blog. Through this plugin, you will also be able to display the count of social sharing along with the content of your blog.

4. Jetpack. 

Jetpack is a great plugin built by tying together the essential features of WordPress. Through this, you will be able to manage both the security and performance of your blog automatically. You will be able to do a regular backup of your blog through Jetpack as well as do security scanning of your blog. With a good user interface, you can easily do all the work automatically through Jetpack.

5. User Registration. 

Through the User Registration plugin, you will be able to facilitate the login and signup of the people. People will be able to create an account of their own in your blog. Which will increase the engagement of people on your blog. Using this, you will be able to create beautiful login and signature forms according to your own, whenever you want to give them a new design.

6. wpDiscuz. 

By using the wpDiscuz plugin, you will be able to give a good feel to the people commenting on your blog. With good layout and design as well as responsive and real-time updating comments, you will find it easy to manage your blog's comments. You can allow to create a new discussion thread and reply to an existing comment. Along with this, you will also be able to enable social comments through the social login option.

7. WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin. Using this plugin, you will be able to showcase your products by creating a storefront. You will be able to showcase any product physical or digital using different Categories. And you will be able to set payment methods according to your own.

8. Popup Maker. 

With the Popup Maker plugin, you will be able to add Popups and opt-ins to your blog, and with this, you will be able to easily show the conversion-focused offers to the visitors. Due to which the revenue of your blog will be more likely to increase. Popups will be of great use to you in terms of lead generation and blog subscribers.

9. Elementor.

Elementor plugin is actually an Elementor website builder, through which you will get help in designing your blog. Even if you are not a website builder, you will still be able to give your blog an eye-catching design through this very easily. It is very easy to use with high-end page design and drag and drop designing features. With custom fonts and icons, you can make your blog content more engaging for people.

10. Newsletter. 

You can do email marketing for your blog through the Newsletter plugin. With the very simple drag and drop composer, you can create very beautiful Newsletter templates. You can easily create your campaign here and send your newsletter to unlimited subscribers. Along with this, you can also customize your subscriber widget, and you can also create customized forms. This plugin is perfect for building email lists as well as for easily creating, sending, and tracking newsletters.

And many good plugins are available in WordPress, which is also necessary according to your blog. But whatever blog you make, these 10 plugins are very important for the growth of your blog.

If you have any questions in your mind, or you want to tell about any other plugin, then please do comment below.

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