Why are people not being successful in earning money online?

Hardly you do not like that you can earn so much money online from your mobile or laptop sitting at home so that you do not need to work anywhere else and can make a living.  But a lot of people fail to do so. About 80% of the people want to earn money online and also try. But due to not getting the right advice, most of them are not able to earn money online. Some people waste their time in the wrong place and some people are not able to use the right method even in the right place.

Can you Earn Money Online?

Can you earn money online? Only you have the answer to this. If you can use the right methods and sites, then you can definitely make money online. And at the same time, you need to have patience. Because in this guide I am not going to tell you about earning small or little pocket money. In this guide, I am going to tell you how to earn money online and live a good life with that money.

The potential to earn money online is huge. There is no limit here. You can earn as much money as you want online. That's why I wrote in a blog post many years ago that the whole internet is full of money; you just have to learn how to collect them.

What will I teach you in This Guide?

In this guide, I will tell you only those ways to earn money so that you can get income like or more than a regular job. Therefore, I recommend that you read this post completely and see the reference links I have given here. So that you do not face any problem in earning money online.

Some methods by which you can Earn Real Money Online.

Method1: Make your Own Website.

Creating a website of your own is not very difficult these days. You can create your own website with very less investment even without any technical knowledge. You can make your website out of anything. You can create your own eCommerce site, you can create social networking sites. You can create a Forum site, You can create a site for software downloading. And you can make a site for a lot of simple subjects.

You can easily earn money online from your own site. You can earn money from your site by making it a paid membership. If you maintain an eCommerce site, then you can earn money by selling products in it. You can earn money by putting advertisements on your sites. You can also do affiliate marketing through your websites, which can increase your income. You can sell your service to people through your website.

If you want to earn more and more money online, then the first method is to create your own website. But just by creating a website and putting advertisements or products or services or affiliate links in it, you will not earn. You will need customers or visitors who will come and buy your product or service. Or see the advertisements given on your site. For that, you have to reach your site among the people, make it popular, So that you get maximum traffic and customers on your site.

If you create a website of your own and share it among the right people, then you can earn a lot of money from it.

Method2: Make Your Own Profitable Blog.

An easy way to earn money online and live your life is to create your own blog. As a website, creating a blog is also very easy nowadays. Rather, creating a blog is much easier than creating a website. And there are also such platforms online, where you can create a blog for yourself for free, and earn money from it.

To earn money from a blog, you have to create a good blog first. After that, you can earn money from it by advertising, affiliate marketing/networking, or selling your own product / eBook. If the content of your blog is valuable, then you can also earn money by giving the option of paid membership.

To earn money from your blog, you will also need traffic or visitors to your blog. The more traffic you have on your blog, the higher will be your income. And the best traffic is the traffic that comes from the search engine because this traffic is targeted. For this, you have to bring your blog post to the first page of the search result of a search engine, so you will have to work on the SEO of your blog. 

Method3: Start Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the most beneficial way by which you can earn money online. You can use it with any of the methods. If you have a good website or blog, then you can do affiliate marketing through that site or blog. And if you do not have your own blog or site, then you can do affiliate marketing. You can use your social circles for that. And you can use things like email marketing, SMS marketing, Advertisements.

Simply Affiliate Marketing means, you sell other's products or services. You bring customers to others, from which you get a commission. And you can choose any service or product according to your choice for this work. If you run your own blog, then you will benefit from affiliate marketing more than an advertisement. You will also have to work hard on this, because the more customers you bring, the more profit you will get. And there is no limit to earning from this, it is up to you how much you want to earn.

Method4: Make Your Own Video Channel.

And a very good online earning method is to create your own vlog, i.e. a video channel on a revenue-sharing site like YouTube. There are other video-sharing platforms like YouTube where you can create your own video channel. Like Dailymotion, Twitch, etc. Where you can upload your videos and earn money by monetizing that video with Advertisement. The more popular your video is and the views it gets, the more you will benefit accordingly.

You also have no limit on earning from the video-sharing platforms, you can earn as much as you want. The more your traffic, the more your earning will be. Although there are many video-sharing platforms from where you can earn money, the most popular is YouTube. Where you can easily earn money by creating your own video channel.

Methods from Which You Will Never be able to Earn Big.

The four methods that I told above are for you to actually earn a lot of money online. Where there is no limit to earning money, you will be able to earn as much as you want. But because the whole internet is full of money, there are many such methods by which you can earn money. You cannot earn much with these methods, but you can earn decent money with many simple methods.

I am going to tell you some such methods below.

1. Make Money Online using GPT, PTC, Micro working Sites. 

Whenever someone new comes into the field of online earning, then I definitely advise them to use such sites. In GPT, PTC, and micro working sites, you get money for small tasks, which you keep doing online every day.  It makes you click on advertisements, signup on any site, do some search in Google, fills out survey forms, Downloading mobile applications Which is very easy. You cannot earn much money on such sites, but you can make a small income quickly. And whenever you earn something from here, then you also believe that it is possible to earn money online.

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2. Make Money Online Using Survey Sites. 

There are many such sites online that give you money only for the survey form fillup. You just have to complete the available surveys on those sites, and you will get paid. In some countries like India, not many surveys are available, but people from tier one countries can easily earn good income from Surveys.

3. Online jobs. 

Many big and big companies hire online workers for their companies. For work like Social Media Manager, User Testing, Advertisement Management, those people find online workers, which benefit them. If you want to do some such online jobs to get a salary-like job, you can apply for such jobs. In which you will have to pass in the online interview taken by them.

4. Make Money Freelancing. 

If you have a talent for some work, like you do good copywriting, or you know coding well, or you are good at Photoshop, or if you know graphics designing, or you can design a webpage, then you can also work as a freelancer. Where you can make money from people according to your work. You can take the money on an hourly basis or based on the entire work, it is up to you. You can easily find work for yourself with any good freelancing site.

5. Online Tutoring. 

If you are good at a subject and want other people to teach about that subject, then you can work as a tutor in online tutoring sites. You can teach any subject online, whether it is a small class subject or a higher class subject. You can do this by hooking up with online tutoring sites. Also, you can make your own online course and sell it. With which you can earn decent money.

6. Make Money Online Using Revenue Sharing Sites. 

Content is the fuel for a site on the World Wide Web. No site or blog can survive without content. And because the competition is increasing day by day, that's why many sites share revenue with their users. You will find all kinds of sites, where you will be able to earn money from your posts or any online activities. And you can also say that you can monetize your every online activity.

If you are more interested in using social networks, then you can use revenue-sharing social networks, where you will get revenue shares. If you like to join the discussion in online forums, then you can earn money using revenue-sharing forums. If you like to write, but do not want to make your own blog, you can still earn money by using revenue-sharing article posting sites. You get all kinds of revenue-sharing sites, which share part of the income from your contribution with you.

7. Make Money Online Using Paid Link Shortening Sites. 

Paid link shortening are sites where you can shorten your long link, and whenever someone clicks on that short link, you will get money. You can also use your blog to earn money from link shortening. You can earn money by shortening all the valuable external links of your blog. And if you share good information links with your friends on social networks, then you can easily earn money by using it. There are many good link shortening sites available online, you can easily use such services by opening your account in them. All you have to do is share your link by shortening it in the shortener service. And as soon as people start clicking on that link, your income will start generating.

Other Methods:

Like I said earlier in this post, the whole internet is full of money; you just have to know how to make them your own. That's why you can't finish by counting the Ways to Make Money Online. Everyday experts are creating new methods to Make Money Online. Above I have told such methods, which will always be used to earn money online, and are also effective. And from them, you will not be disappointed. Apart from this, there are also methods like trading and gambling where the risk is high, and you cannot say for sure that you will be able to Make Money.

If you want to earn money well without any limitations, then it is easy to do so from a website, blog, affiliate marketing, or your own video channel. You will be able to earn well from all other methods too, but for that, you will have to add other methods along with normal methods. By using techniques, you can earn a lot of money from any method.

If you liked this post, then please share it with your friends. And which methods you want to get more information about, please tell us by commenting below. And if you have any questions, or if you are earning money using any other methods, then definitely tell by commenting.

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