I am writing this post for those people who are new to the world of online earning. And also if you are already trying online earning and failing, you can easily earn more than 10$ of the day using this method. 

It also took me a long time to earn 10$ a day. Because no one told me how to earn money. That's why I am writing this post to help you on the basis of my experience. So that you do not have to waste your time in the wrong places like I did earlier.

Here I will tell you about three such websites, using which you will easily be able to earn 10 $ or more a day. And all these three websites are very easy to use. You will have to join all these three websites, only then you will be able to earn more than 10$ a day. In the beginning, you may not be able to earn much, but in a few days you will be able to cross the target of 10 $.

I would like you to share this post with your friends so that they can also earn some money online.

Below I am telling you about three websites in some detail, and also providing links to those sites. So that you can easily register on those sites.

Site 1: Toloka

Toloka is a part of Russia's largest search engine Yandex. Its name is first in the list, because out of the three sites, from this site you will be able to transfer money to your account first. Here you will get money for completing small tasks. 

But these small tasks are different from other micro job sites. You do not have to sign up or fill out surveys anywhere. Examples of some tasks of Toloka are evaluating websites whether those sites are spammy. Or, by looking at the search results, tell whether it is of the right category or not, listing the pricing of a website's products. Etc.

By completing such very easy tasks, you can easily earn more than 5$ a day from here. And you can easily transfer this money to your PayPal, Skrill, Papara, or Payoneer account. 

The minimum Withdrawal amount is also very low compared to others. For Paypal, it is 0.20$, 1$ for Papara and Skrill, and 20$ for Payoneer.


Site 2: BeerMoneyForum.

This site is my second favorite site. This is actually a forum where people talk about earning money online. The tagline of this site is that, “We Help Each Other to Make Money Online”. But not only this, you will be able to know other methods of earning money. Because of using this site, you will also get money from this site.

For each of your posts, you will get BMF coins here, which you will be able to convert to dollars and transfer to your account. All you have to do here is to talk to all the other users about earning money online, And you can also ask them how to earn money online, and you will also get money by doing so. 1000 BMF coin here is equal to 1$.

Here you can easily earn 2$ to 3$ of the day. And from here you need to have a minimum of 2$ to withdraw money.


Site 3: Mylot.

Mylot is a very old revenue-sharing platform. Here you can discuss all kinds of topics with the people. You can write a topic of your own here and discuss it. And you can also comment on the posts of others. You can also make new friends. You will get to see people from every corner of the world on this platform. And for doing all these things you will get paid here.

In fact, you will get a share of the income this site will earn from every post or comment you write. Here you can easily earn 2$ to 3$ a day. Whenever your income becomes 5$ here, that money will be transferred to your PayPal account.


If you are new, or you are not able to earn money online even after many efforts, then join today on all the above-mentioned three websites and start earning money online. I have used all these three sites myself and have earned money from them. So I can say with certainty that these three sites are legit.

You can also earn money by referring your friends to the 1st and 2nd websites given above. So that your friends themselves will earn money and it will benefit you too. 

If you use the above three websites, then you can easily earn 10$ every day easily. I advise you to register these sites today through the link given here and start earning money. If you will work a little hard and have patience, then you will be able to earn more than 10$ a day there.

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