Are you having trouble finding ideas for new posts for your blog? So you must read this post till the last. I can say this with the claim that after reading this post you will never have trouble with new post ideas. Many professional bloggers also see this problem. But most of the old bloggers learn from their experience that from where they will get the ideas of new posts.

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If you are lacking ideas to write new posts, then you will easily be able to find new post ideas for yourself by using the services given below.

1. Google Analytics: 

Perhaps you have never thought this before, but your Google Analytics report is very beneficial for you. Here you can get the best post ideas. Apart from those that will be not just ideas, it will also be the keywords that people are searching for more.  And in those keywords, your blog is showing good results in search engines.

If you look closely at the ranked keywords in your analytics account, then you will get new post ideas easily. And at the same time, because those keywords being good for your blog, your new post will easily come in high rank in the search result.

2. Question Hub: 

Many new bloggers do not know about this, but Google has a very good platform which is known as Question Hub. In which Google posts such searches searched in the search engine, whose results have not been written by anyone yet. You can easily select the Niche of your blog in Question Hub and see the unanswered questions of that Niche. Nowadays you get to see some new post ideas on the side by going to the Posts tab in Blogger's dashboard as well. All those ideas are unanswered questions from Question Hub. 

You can choose the question according to you and write its detailed answer post and give the link of that post as the answer to that question. With this, you will get new post ideas as well as your new post will easily come on a good rank in the search engine. And the best thing is your post will be unique because it was such a question that Google could not find the answer.

Are new bloggers get the approval of the question hub?

Many new bloggers asked me this question, can new bloggers use the question hub. Its simple answer is yes, whether you are a new blogger or an old blogger, it does not matter to Google if you have the knowledge. Even if you have opened your new blog today, you can still use Question Hub.

3. Google trends: 

In Google Trends, you get to see the most searched words and phrases in Google at any given time. You can also choose your Niche and which question is being searched the most in Google now or at any time. From that, you will get such post ideas which are most searched in Google. And by writing such posts, the popularity of your blog will increase and your blog will be more successful. You can also view country-specific search keywords in Google Trends, see area-specific, and see worldwide results. All you have to do is search here according to the location of your target audience.

4. Social Groups:

 If you want to make your blog successful, then it is important that you definitely join social groups related to your Niche. And give as much active and valuable contribution as possible in the discussion of those groups. With this, you can get both followers and traffic for your blog.

If you carefully observe the new discussions of those groups, then you will get the many questions whose answers the group members are looking for. At the same time, you will also know which topics related to your Niche are more interested in reading and sharing. This will give you the idea of a very good post, which also has the potential to go viral.

5. Google News: 

Google News is a news aggregator service, where you can see the news from different news websites at the same time. You can select the Categories of your favorite news here so that you will see only the news of those Categories. You can also see the latest news of your blog's Niche from here. And from that news, you can write a post for your blog.

6. Online Forums: 

Just like in social groups, you can know the needs of people through discussion in online forums. And from that, you can get a good post idea for yourself. By staying connected in forums, you will also get followers and traffic for the blog and backlinks for your blog.

7. Quora: 

Quora is a question-answer site, where people can ask all kinds of questions, and expert people answer those questions. Quora is a very good place for traffic to your new blog. And this traffic is quality traffic. Not many people know, but you can also earn money from Quora. 

Because people ask all kinds of questions in Quora. So that you can easily get new ideas for your post by thoroughly observing your Niche questions.

8. Youtube: 

YouTube is a video-sharing platform. Where you can earn money by making your own video channel, and sharing videos. Here you get to see all kinds of videos. YouTube channels related to every Niche are available on YouTube. So by watching the trending videos of your Niche here, you can find out which topics people like more. And you can easily get new post ideas for your blog.

9. Surveys. 

You can do a survey among your viewers, you can find out from them by asking some questions of your own self, Like most of the viewers like to see how the content in your blog, they want to know more on which subject. This way you can get tons of new post ideas that your viewers will love.

10. Title Generators: 

If you search online, you will find such title generators or headline generators, Which generate very good post titles for you using your given keywords. By using such getters, you will get post ideas as well as titles for the post, which will be very good. You can also use such sites only for the titles of your posts.

So if you use all the services given above, then you will get tired of writing, but there will never be a shortage of post ideas. And due to the frequent updating of your blog, the popularity of your blog will also increase. And some of these services are such, where you will get lots of quality traffic along with post ideas for free. Also, the backlink will be generated for the post. Which is very beneficial for your blog.

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You must share this post with your friends so that they can also benefit. And also tell us your valuable feedback and questions by writing in the comment box below.

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