About Toloka.

Toloka is a part of Russia's largest search engine Yandex. Where you can easily earn a lot of money by doing small tasks. It is very easy to earn money here because the tasks here are very simple. You can easily earn money here without any technical knowledge. You just need to have basic internet knowledge to use this site. If you use the Internet and have a computer or Smartphone, then you can easily earn money from here. The mobile app of this site is also available for download on the play store or other apps to run this site easily on smartphones.

Tasks on Toloka:

If we look at the tasks available here, then it is slightly different from the tasks of other Micro working sites. Or it can also be said that it is better than the rest of the micro working sites. If you join on other micro working sites, then the tasks that are there are mostly to sign on other sites. And most of the people put CPA offers in the form of a task. But in Toloka, you get tasks in the true sense, which you will also like to do. 

For example, some tasks that you get to do in Toloka are Amazon search relevance Evaluation, Reviewing websites for possible spam, Ads relevance measurement, Inserting piece from product screenshot, English comprehension test, check hotel reservation page, QandA feeds clarify,  Classify advertisers keywords relevant to the search result, etc.

How to Earn on Toloka:

You just have to open a Yandex mail account to complete the task here and log in to Toloka using that. Before completing every task, you have to complete training here. Not much has to be done in training, just have to complete a sample task of whatever task you are taking to do. And based on that sample task, you get payment from that task. If you complete the sample task very well then you will get more money, And if your sample task is not very good then you will get less payment. You get very detailed and good instructions for each task here.

Compared to other micro working sites, your time given here is worthy. According to the more tasks you will complete, your dashboard will get high-paying tasks. You may not be able to earn much from here in the first few days, just get 2-5 dollars a day. But slowly you will be able to earn more than $ 20 a day from here if you use this site with hard work and dedication.

You don't need to have to do all the tasks that will come in your dashboard. You can choose the task according to the open. You can do whatever task you like best. Or you can do the task in which you will have more income. You can also invite your friends to earn money online from this site. For this, you will get a referral link of your own here. Toloka will also give you 5 to 20% of the money your referral earns. This will increase your income even more.

How to withdraw Money from Toloka:

There are many ways to withdraw money here. From here you can withdraw your earned money from any one of the payment processors Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, or Yoomoney.  You can see the limits for withdrawing money from each payment processor in the photo below.

Yandex Toloka: Legit or Scam:

Whenever we review a site, we look at different factors of that site. If it happens to be a site for online earning, then we see how to earn money on that site, and see if the site is really paying the site users.

After using Toloka and also taking the opinion of other users, it is sure that Toloka is a legit site. I have used this site and have transferred the payment to my account many times. Because I do not get much time to use this site, so I could not earn much from here.  But I have earned 5$ here for 1.5 hours. So it is obvious that if you give 6 hours here, then you can earn $ 20 a day.  And if you refer more and more of your friends, then you will not even need to work hard. You can earn more than $ 20 just by working 1/2 hour of the day. 

I am putting below screenshots of some of my payments so that you can see them for yourself.


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So if you also want to Make Money Online, then definitely join this site from the link given here. And share this post with your friends on your favorite social networks, so that they too can easily Make Money Online.

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