What is Nblik?

Nblik is a knowledge-sharing platform where you can share your knowledge in the form of articles and discussions. Along with this, you can also increase your knowledge by reading very good posts in many Categories there. You get Nblik Points as a reward for sharing your knowledge here. Which you can convert into money and transfer to PayPal or UPI.

If you are a content writer or blogger, Nblick is a very good platform for you. You can increase your readership by publishing your post here in front of an audience of more than 100K. Along with this, you will also get a reward here for your valuable post. Here you can put related posts from every Niche. You can also post your own thinking by making an article and posting it here. Even if you are not a content writer, then you can post your thoughts in the form of a post or discussion there.

You can visit their platform by going to Nblick.com, or you can easily download their Android app from the Google play store.

To join Download Nblik App Now.

How to Join Nblik?

Since the Nblik platform is now available as an Android app, you have to download their application on your mobile from Google Play Store. After downloading the app, you have to click on the Signup button or by clicking on Continue with Google to create an account there. After that, you have to choose a user ID and password for yourself so that you can log in to that app whenever you want.

After logging in to Nblik, you can follow your favorite Niches. And you can increase your knowledge by reading the posts of your favorite Niche. To post your own article, after logging in, you will get a write button on the top of the app, you have to click it. After clicking on it, you can select whatever article or discussion you want to post. After that, you have to choose the right category for your post and post it by writing your post.

Here Download and Join Nblik Now.

How to Earn Money on Nblik?

You can earn Nblik points from Nblik by posting your own article. To earn, your article must be plagiarism-free. You can easily convert those Nblik points to your Indian Rupees. 10 Nblik points are equal to 0.013$ or 1Rs.

The income from Nblick depends on the popularity of your article. The more likes and comments you get in your article, the more earning you will have. Although many readers live online in the Blik platform, yet if you want, you can share your post on your other favorites Social Networks, or through emails, and massages. Due to which the popularity of your post will increase even more.

A referral program is also available in Nblik so that you can invite your friends to use Nblik. With this, you will also get a referral balance, as well as your social circle, will also increase here. 

How to withdraw from Nblik?

Whenever your earning becomes 25Rs or 0.34$, you will be able to easily transfer it to your PayPal(worldwide) account or UPI(for Indian users). For that, you have to earn only 250 Nblik Points which is very easy.

Nblik is a new platform and along with earning, there is an opportunity for publishers to increase their readership. That's why you must join this platform to increase your knowledge and readership as well as earn income. You can easily join Nblik by clicking on this link.

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