Mylot is a social networking site, where you can earn money talking to people. You can discuss everything legal here. You can post your thoughts here, and you can comment on others' posts. You will get money here to do all these. You can make new friends here. You can find users from all corners of the world here.

Mylot is a very old site. And this is a completely legit site. In fact, Mylot shares its revenue with you. Mylot shares with you whatever earnings you have on your posts or comments from the advertisements given on their site. In this way, both Mylot and you remain in profit. 

You can post anything here, what is going on in your mind, what are you doing, how is your day, whatever. And you will get revenue from all your posts. By the way, this site is in the English language, But even if you do not know English like native speakers, you can still post here. Because the policy here is that even if you write a post in bad English, then no one can tell you anything. Therefore, by using this site, you can improve your English.

How to Join Mylot.

To join Mylot, you simply have to go to their website, And that is to click on the Signup button written on the top left side. After that, a form will open in front of you, which you have to fill and submit. In the signup form, you have to choose a username and password for yourself, using which you will be able to log in to Mylot later. Once your account is opened, you have to log in with your chosen user id and password.

How to Earn Money Using MyLot.

After login, you have to post anything here, just like you post on Facebook. And also to comment on the posts given by others. And you will get the revenue share of every post and comment. The more popular your post or comment is, that is, the more people will interact with your post or comment,  Your post or comment will earn more revenue. So the more you stay active, the more you will be able to earn. 

How Much You can Earn.

Honestly, you will not be able to earn much from this site. If you are more and more active then you may earn from 2$ to 5$ a day. But without some hard work and any technical knowledge, this side income will not be bad for you. And also you will be able to interact with people from different regions. And you will also be able to learn new things.

How to Withdraw Money from Mylot.

You will need a Paypal account to withdraw money from Mylot. All you have to do is add your PayPal Id i.e. email to the payment page of your account. And Mylot will automatically transfer your earned money to your PayPal account before the 15th of every month. But for that, your minimum earning should be 5$, which you can easily make here. Your earned money will be updated here every hour and you will be able to see it by visiting the earning summary page.

If you want to earn some money by sitting and talking with people in your free time, So you must try this site once. You will enjoy it and you will earn money too.

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