Why you need to Design your Power Page the Best.

A power page is a page that you are preparing for higher ranking in search engines. It is specifically targeted for search engines. That's why it is very important that this page is very good. The search engine will rank this page.

How will you write your power page, I am telling it in two parts.  In the first part, I am telling about the factors which you have to keep in mind while writing your power page. And I am telling him how to write your Power Page in the second part.

Part I - How to Design the Layout. ( The Factors)

It is not necessary that your power page should be beautiful to look at. But your power page should have every factor, considering which search engines put a page in the first page of the search result. 

While preparing your power page for search engines, you also have to keep in mind that you are writing it for the visitors. And the good thing is that search engines also rank those pages above the search results which are well optimized for visitors.

While writing your power page, keep the following factors in mind.

Write it for Viewer Not for Search Engine.

Always write your post for your viewers only. Write to him in such a way that those who read it feel that the post has been written especially for him. Use you and me pronouns as much as possible in your posts, especially you. While writing the post, think that the reader is sitting in front of you, and you are talking to them.

Use Keywords.

Make sure to use keywords on your post. Before writing the post, choose a keyword of your niche. While choosing the keyword, keep in mind that your keyword should be of medium length. And use the same keyword in your page.

But do not fill the entire page with your keywoard. Use it only where it is needed. Using too many keywords will lower your content standards. Which readers will not only feel bad, search engines will also not like it. And the rank of your page in search engines will not be high.

Use Relevant Images.

Make sure to use relevant images in your posts. With this, your posts will not only be beautiful to see, it will also have more benefits. Scientists have found out by doing research that human minds remember everything in the form of pictures. So put as much relevant images in your post as possible.

Put Share Triggers. 

Be sure to put share triggers in your posts. Share triggers mean some such lines that will encourage people to like your post. By having share triggers in your post, people will share your post and you will get backlink as well as traffic.

Call for Action.

Always ask people to take some action after reading your post. Like you can ask your visitors to comment on the post page after reading it. Or you can also request to share it with friends. And you can also ask to follow your blog.

Putting a call for action on your post will increase the engagement of people in your blog. Will get the enthusiasm to comment and share. And if someone follows your blog then your readership will increase.

I am telling you how you will write your power page properly in the below.

Part II - How to write the post for your Power Page.

Start With a Problem.

Always start your post your problem. What can be the problem due to not having whatever you are writing, write it in brief.

Promise to Give a Solution.

After writing the problems, write how you will solve that problem in the second part. And assure the people that you will definitely give a solution to that problem.

Give Your Solution.

Write the solution of the problem well in the third part. Do not use too difficult words.

Write a short Conclusion

After writing the solution, write a small conclusion. Like what happened after you used this solution. Or why people should definitely try this solution.

Call for Action.

Do give a call for action after the conclusions. Ask people to comment, share or follow.

By following the above steps, you can easily create a search engine optimized power page that people will love.

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