Who is Your Aficionado?

I have used the word aficionado here, it means people who are very much interested in your subject. If you want to see maximum traffic in your blog, then your blog post must reach the right people. Those who are not only interested in your post, they also get pleasure in sharing them. If you keep hitting your hand and foot in the wrong place, your blog will never be successful.

That's why I have given this step first. And this is the right way to make your blog successful. If you find people who are very interested in your Niche and write your post on their needs, no one can stop your post from coming to the top of the search result.

How to Find Them?

Finding the fans of your subject is not a difficult task. With just a little effort, you can find them very easily. Before finding them, remember one thing, whether they are bloggers, Social Network User or forum users, you have to target everyone.

You can find such people by searching your niche on Google. If you want to find a forum of your niche, simply write your keyword and search by writing the forum with it. You will find thousands of forums for your niche on Google. In the same way, you can also find the community of your niche by searching your keywords on social networks.

Join as many forums as you can about your Niche. And also join the communities of social networks which are of your Niche. Before joining, see how many members they already have. The more that member, the more you will benefit. After that, you start finding the fans for your blog.

Make your target only those people, who are active and keep posting your niche-related posts. 

Find Out what they like?

After finding the people, now you have to know what those people like. On what kind of topic they are discussing more, you should pay attention. If those people are discussing any recent problem related to your niche, and then notes it down. Also, do not forget to see what kind of posts those people are sharing more in the community. 

Take note of all these things and you too start giving some valuable comments and posts by being active in the community. Keeping all these factors in mind, you have to make a good topic for your power page.

You can start an interaction with your targeted bloggers by making valuable comments in their blogs. So that whenever your power page is ready, you can share its link with them. And also you will be able to ask them for a backlink for you on any of their posts.

So if you find the fans of your blog even before posting the article in the blog, then it is of great benefit to you. Those people will not only become the visitors of your blog, but they will also create backlinks for you by sharing your posts. And at the same time, new traffic will also come through them.

So if you have started searching for your aficionado, then comment below and tell us how you liked this post. And if you have any problem then you can tell it by commenting below. So that together we can find some solution on it.

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