Why does a blog need to be search engine optimized?

If your new blog is to be successful then it needs traffic. And in terms of traffic, nothing is better than search engine traffic. Search engine traffic is free, and the most important of this traffic is the people who are most interested in your subject.  You cannot make your blog successful without search engine traffic.

If you want search engine traffic, then you have to make your blog search engine optimized.  And if your blog does not come on the first page of the search result then it is impossible to get traffic from the search engine. Therefore, to bring your blog to the first page of the search result, you have to work on the SEO of your blog.

Is it Possible to Rank Good in Search Engines in 11 days, Making Your Blog Search Engine Optimized?

If you have already tried SEO, then maybe you are feeling that it is difficult to bring a page to the first page of the search result in 11 days. But the truth is somewhat different. If you will follow this guide step by step, So you will be able to bring any post of your blog to the first page of the search engine in 11 days or less. This is a very practical and effective method. And with this, I am writing in easy language so that you do not have any problem in understanding.

What will you learn in this SEO guide?

In this guide, I will explain everything to you in a simple way so that you will be able to easily get your post a good rank in the search engine. Before reading this guide, I have one piece of advice that you should forget all the SEO guides you have read before. Follow this guide step by step and make your blog successful.

Below I am going to explain this guide to you in detail, what you will have to do in 11 days.

Day8: Share it With the People Out of 4.66 Billion who are Interested in Your Topic.

Day9-10-11: Keep Doing The Task of Day7 and 8 and Wait For the Result.

Day1: Check Your Blog Design to make it easy for Search Engines to crawl.

To make your blog search engine optimized, first, you have to make the design of your blog good. Here good does not mean that your blog has to look very beautiful or to look like a big website. Whenever search engines put your blog on their database, they will see it by running; mostly they use bots for this work. So if your blog takes more time to load, or there is some error in the blog and some other pop-up comes. So they will keep your blog at the bottom in search results.

That's why to make your design as light as possible so that your blog is fast. As much as possible, do not use a big script or big image, etc. Remove any unnecessary components that are on your blog. Make the design such that it is easy for people to find your blog post. You will not even need to bother much about this. Because nowadays you get all types of blog templates online for free. All you have to do is choose a good blog template among them. And definitely put a Meta tag on your blog. So that it will be easy for the search engines to know what will be found on your blog.

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Day2: Find Your Aficionado And Try to Know More About Their Interest.

If you have completed the activity of your first day, then now it is your turn to find the Aficionado of your blog. Aficionado means those people who show more discourse on your niche. People who keep posting related to your chosen niche back and forth or write anything about them anywhere. And share them too. Because you have to target these people first. Due to which the popularity of your blog will increase.

To find your aficionado, you can find your subject-related forums, blogs, and social community on Google. Your second day's job is just to find your aficionados, whom you can also call fans. You find them and make a list of them and note down which platform they are available in.

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Day3: Choose Your Topic Based on Your Research of The Second Day.

Now you have to choose a topic for your post. For this, you start reading the posts of the selected people on the second day. See what those people are talking more about right now. Always remember this thing that you have to write posts in your blog not for yourself but for your readers. Therefore it is very important to pay attention to their interest.

Therefore, on whichever topic those people are talking about more about, make your post only on that. If those people are talking more about a problem, then it is better for you. Find the solution to that problem and write your post in it. By which you will easily get their attraction. And in the same way, if you write articles on the things of their interest, then they will be happy to share, and the popularity of your blog will increase.

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Day4: Write and Design Your Power Page.

If you have found a topic for your blog post, then start writing your power page now. If you don't know what a power page is, let me tell you. Power page is the post of the blog or site, which we write to be optimized in the search engine. You have to design your power page well. Because this is the page people have to read first.

Before writing the power page, do not forget to choose a good keyword for your topic. For this, you can use keyword research tools. If you have money to invest, then use tools like Semrush. Which is a very good tool. Otherwise, you can use Google AdWords or any of the free keyword tools. Always choose medium-length keywords when choosing your keywords. If you choose shorter keywords, then the competition will be high. And if you choose longer keywords, then their search volume will be less.

Design your power page in such a way that people will be happy to share them. Put as much information about your topic as possible on your power page. Present the post very effectively and to the point on your power page. Give related graphics elements like photos or videos on the page so that your power page is even better. Do it well on your power page by keywords. Do not put too many keywords in the post, by doing this your post will harm the search engine.

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Day5: Review Your Power Page and Post It on Your Blog.

Please review your post before publishing it. By reviewing, you will be able to rectify the mistakes of your posts. By reviewing, you remove the errors of your post. If there are any grammatical mistakes, then correct them. If there are any unnecessary lines, remove them. After reviewing and making corrections, whenever you feel that your post is right to be put in the blog and then publish.

Make sure to put useful interlinks in your post. While reading the post, wherever you feel that people would like to read one of your other posts here, but the link of that post. So that people can get that post easily. In this way, the engagement of the people in your blog will be better. And it also increases Pageviews.

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Day6: Submit Your Power Page to Search Consoles.

After publishing your power page, you must put the link to that post on the search console. Because until the link of your post is not found by the search consoles, your post will not be visible in the truth engine. Therefore, in whichever search engine you want to rank your blog post, submit the link of your post in that console.

You do not need to spend any money to submit your link in Search Console. You can submit a link to your site or blog by opening your free account on Search Consoles.

You must manually submit the link of your post in the search console, this is very important.

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Day7: Cultivate Backlinks for Your Power Page.

If you have published your power page and submitted it to Search Consoles, So you will need a backlink for better rank in the search engine. A backlink is very important. With this, the search engine gets to know how popular your post is. In simple backlink is a link to your site which resides in another's site or blog. The higher the backlink of your post, the higher the chance of your post being ranked in search engines.

There are many simple ways to make backlinks. But the most effective is to make your backlink through the fans you have found in step 1. If any of them have a blog or site, then you can ask them to link your post on their site or blog. You can also make your backlink by commenting on other blogs. If you have joined forums or social communities, which is required for the Day 1 step. You can also increase the backlink by sharing your link on them. You can put your link in your article by guest posting on reputed blogs.

While cultivating backlinks, one thing will always be kept in mind: never spamming method will do it. If you are commenting with your link on a blog post, then definitely keep in mind that your comment should be valuable. So that the blog owner does not have to delete your comment. Similarly, if you are posting a link in a forum, then enter the link according to the rule of that.

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Day8: Share it With the People Out of 4.66 Billion who are Interested in Your Topic.

There are at At least 4.66 billion active internet users in the world. So you must share your post so that more and more people get your post. Do not forget to share your post on all social network sites. But share your post with only those people who are interested in your niche. If you will share your post with the wrong audience those people who have no knowledge or interest in your niche then you will not get any traffic. So share the link of your post only with interested people. And most importantly, never spam with the link to your post.

You may have been able to read this in other blogs' posts or have done it too. World's largest question-answer site Quora which is a very good site for both traffic and backlinks. You use this site to your advantage. You give the answer to the related questions of your subject and also put the link of the relevant post. Due to which the traffic to your blog will increase. And it will be easy for your blog to get a higher rank in search engines. Similarly, you must also share your post link in the related forums of your niche.

Day9-10-11: Keep Doing The Task of Day7 and 8 and Wait For the Result.

For the next two to three days, you just cultivate backlinks for your blog post and share your post on every social network. Your posts must reach the maximum number of people. And have your backlink as much as possible.


If you follow the simple things according to this guide, then you can easily increase the rank of your blog post in the search engine. You don't need to keep reading guides about save or keep knowing about search engine ranking factors. With the help of this guide only, you can bring any page to the top rank of search engines.

With the help of this guide, many bloggers have brought their posts to the top rank of search engines. You must also use this guide and make your blog or site a success.

If you have any question in your mind, then definitely write it in the comment box, so that I can give its solution. And share this post so that your friends can also bring their blog to the top rank of search engines.

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