Your first post doesn't need to be something extraordinary. Your first post can be anything. Your first post may be your introduction, why you are blogging, you can also write it.  You can write anything so that no one is hurt.

But I will recommend that you wrote your first post like this, Along with knowing about you, people should also know what kind of posts they will get to read on your blog. This will encourage people to read other posts of your blog. They will know what kind of posts are found on your blog to come to your blog whenever they need knowledge on those subjects.

Because this will be your first post, it is not necessary that you can show all your knowledge through this post. All you have to do is start, and make people believe that you know a lot on this subject. And people can benefit from this knowledge of yours.

In the first post, I would like to write the success of the subject on which you are writing. So that people know how much you know about that subject and people are eager to read new posts of your blog.

You can read my first post to understand it more. Where I have written what is the Knowledge of myself and my team members. And at the same time, we have also written how we will help the readers.

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