Why Your Blog Design needs to be Search Engine Optimized.

If you want to see your blog post on the first page of search results, the design of your blog must be search engine optimized. If the design of your blog does not search engine optimized, then your post will never rank high in the search results. It is as important as your blog post to be unique and of good quality.

Steps To Do to Make your Blog Design Search Engine Optimized.

If you are creating a new blog, then while designing the blog, definitely pay attention to the factors given below. If you have already created your blog, then definitely check the below factors in your blog.


The loading speed of your blog has a huge impact on your blog being ranked higher in the search results. Search engines want to show the best results for their users first. So if your blog loads slowly from other bloggers of your Niche, the search engine will keep your blog below their blog.

So make your blog as fast-loading as possible. For this, you have to remove any scripts or plugins that are not necessary for the design of your blog. Especially if your template has scripts loaded from third parties, then this can slow down your blog. If possible, do not use such a script. Whatever graphics elements you upload to your blog, try to reduce their size a little. If you are uploading photos in your blog, then minimize their size. So that it does not take much time to load.

You can check the speed and performance of your blog or any post in Google's search console for free. You can also check the performance of your blog for free in GTmetrix. Also, here you will get to know what to do to improve the performance of your blog. Always keep in mind that the performance of your blog should be 100% or more than 97%.


Search engines are always trying to get their users to see the best results. That's why they keep changing their techniques to find the best result.  If there is an error in your sites, such as a broken link, or a page does not open properly, then the search engine will never consider it as the best result.

Therefore, you should check your blog and if such errors are in your blog, then solve them. Because errors can also prevent your blog from getting a good rank in search engines.

Make It Easy for Users to Find What they are looking for On your Blog.

Search engines crawl any post or blog before ranking it. For this search engines use bots. If they have trouble finding the content of your blog while crawling your blog, then they will not want to give your blog the top rank. Because those search engines never want their users to have trouble finding what they are looking for.

Therefore, set the post in your blog in such a way that it is easy for people to surf your blog posts.

Apart from all this, you must also create some such pages in your blog so that your blog looks reputed. And the robots of search engines should find your blog true. Some pages that must be in your blog are, Custom Robot.txt, 404 Error Page, About Us Page, Terms of Use Page, Privacy Policy Page. 

Write the search description of your blog well, so that after seeing it, people will know what they will get to read in your blog. Don't forget to put your blog keywords in the meta tag.

Lastly, never forget that the design of your blog should be SEO-friendly. So that the search engine can easily rank your blog on the top of the search result. If you complete all the steps given above, then the design of your blog will become SEO-friendly.

If you have any problem or any question in getting your blog search engine optimized, You can let us know by commenting below.

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