A domain name is a very important part of a blog or site. A domain is a name by which people will know your blog. People will access your blog by writing this name on their browser. So your domain name must be good.

A good domain name must have some features. So that people like your domain name, and match your blog with the domain name.

Before you choose your domain name, always remember that your domain name should be:


        2.Easy to remember and Pronounce

        3.Easy to Type

        4.Do not copy copyrighted words of any brand

Always try to shorten your domain name. This will have many benefits. And apart from shortening, also keep in mind that it should be easy to remember and understand. No one would want to remember a long name and a mindless word. It will also not easy to remember.

People have started doing voice searches more than typing these days. So keep in mind that your domain name should be easy to pronounce. So that whenever someone pronounces your domain name, the phone's voice-regulated technology does not have any problem with spelling.

Before choosing a domain name, you must remember that it does not have special variables like hyphens, slash, etc. All this will make it difficult to write your domain name in the browser. And people will not like to do hard work, which will affect your traffic.

Never take the word from a big brand or website name on your domain name. This can cause a copyright issue on your domain name. And it will help if you ever want to brand your own domain name.

It is our suggestion that you should always choose a .com domain. The .com domain is the most popular domain extension and may be of little benefit to search engine rankings as well. 

If you use Blogger then you get a free subdomain. But Subdomain will not benefit you, so we recommend that you choose a top-level .com domain.

Where to get a domain name:

If you have chosen a good domain name for yourself, then you can register that domain name on GoDaddy or BigRock. Here you will get domain registration very cheaply. And both of these sites are very easy so that you will not have trouble managing your domain name.

If you want to change the domain's register service, you can get it done after 2 months.

Hope you get help in finding your new domain name through this post. If you have any more questions related to a domain name in your mind, you can comment and ask.

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