The most important question before opening a blog, which blogging platform should we do for our blog? Which platform to create your blog on?

By the way, the opinions of all people may be different in this regard. But we will tell you our best. We have all tried different blogging platforms. And based on the experience of all of us, here we will tell you what should happen in a blogging platform.

We have already told in the first post that there are two types of blogging platforms. One free and the other paid blogging platform. Paid blogging platform will be slightly better than a free one. But this does not mean that the free blogging platform is bad and you will not benefit from it.

Before choosing the blogging platform, we have to pay attention to some features. 

We first have to pay attention to the design of the blog:

Before choosing any blogging platform, we must know how we can design our blog on it. So whatever blogging platform will give us the freedom to design the blog according to our own, it will be the best. 

If you look at the free blogging platform, then Google's Blogger is a site that allows us to design blogs according to our own. It is not necessary that you need coding or web designing. Without knowing this, you will be able to easily design your blog according to your own.

And paid blogging platform is WordPress, which will allow you to easily design a blog according to your needs. More than 37% of the world's blogs are made on WordPress. Along with designing your blog, there are many more extra features that make it a little better than Blogger.

Adding new features:

You will always need to add new features and third-party apps to the blog while blogging. So it is very important that your blogging platform may have the option that you can add it to your blog.

You can add new features according to both Blogger and WordPress. Both these platforms also have some important tools that you can add to the blog. But because WordPress is a paid platform, that's why WordPress is a little better than Blogger.


Because Blogger is Google's own platform, and WordPress is a very big platform. You get good support in both. You get an easy solution to your problems.

Learn how to make a blog:

Before choosing a blogging platform, it should be necessary that you should learn how to create that blog. And in this case, both WordPress and Blogger platforms are very good. Any person can easily create his own blog on both these platforms. Their features are very simple. You can create a great blog without coding.

Running a blog from any device:

It is important that you can run your blog from any device. Because you will not be able to use the computer all the time. So you will need the facility of blogging from mobile too. Therefore, it should be available in the blogging platform that you can blog from mobile too.

You can do blogging from a mobile on both WordPress and Blogger.


Many more blogging platforms are available on the Internet. And many people also use them.

But we have an opinion for you that if you want a free blogging platform, then you should choose Blogger only.

And if you want to do a little professional blogging, and you have a little money to invest, then you should definitely choose WordPress. According to us, blogging on WordPress is the best. Because you will be able to blog with all kinds of freedom.

Apart from WordPress and Blogger, there are some blogging platforms that you will want to read about.

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