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You are reading the first post of this blog. Through this post, you will be able to know who we are, and why we have created this blog.

Who are we?

We are some part-time bloggers of Assam. We all post blogs on different topics on different websites. We are not very good at writing, but we have a lot of blogging experience. And we all work related to computers, due to which we have very good knowledge of computers and the internet.

About this blog.

You will find all the things about this blog on the About us page. Nevertheless, let us tell you why we have started this new blog today. As we are all part-time bloggers, we felt that our experience can help a lot of new bloggers. And also, we want to help those who are new and want to earn money online.

All of us together made this a day that why not all of us create a blog to help new bloggers And based on your experience, we provide some guides to new bloggers. For this purpose, today we have created this new blog and this is the first post of our blog.

In this blog, we will write the whole process of creating a new blog with all our knowledge. And at the same time, we will write about how to make that new blog successful and how to earn money from that blog. Apart from that, we will also tell you details about how you can earn money online. Which will help bloggers as well as other online people. The biggest factor to make a blog a success, that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we will keep our knowledge here on that as well.

Because we all do Computer related, so we will write our knowledge of computer on this blog as well. 

We hope that this blog along with the new blogger benefits more people. And people should know the details of online earnings. And they should get good information on the computer as well.

Our hope is big, and your suggestion will help us in our work to move forward. Therefore, we would like you to give your suggestion as a comment. So that we get encouragement.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Stay on our blog to get new posts, and subscribe to our blog.

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