Blogging is a steady and excellent way of online earning. Through blogging, you can make a living. But just hold on. Being a millionaire overnight is not possible without doing wrong things. So to make a good income through blogging, you have to have a little patience. You can definitely make a good income through blogging, it will take some time for that.

I will tell you about how to make money from your blog on this guide. If you are new to the field of blogging and want to create your own blog, read our blogging guide. With which you will be able to easily create your own blog.

There are many ways to make money from a blog. The best way out of them are-

        1. Advertising on your Blog.

        2. Affiliate Marketing.

        3. Selling your Own EBook or Digital Product.

        4. Making a Membership based Blog.

        5. Paid review.

There are lots of ways to earn from a blog. But the important thing for everyone in the traffic of your blog. The more traffic to your blog, the more you will be able to earn. To increase traffic on your blog, you will have to work on the SEO of your blog. Because the most effective and easy traffic is the traffic generated by the search engine.

            Read this guide to make your blog Search Engine Optimized.

Advertising on Your Blog:

The easiest and simplest way to make money from any new blog is to make money by putting an advertisement on the blog. There are many types of advertisements, such as display advertisements, native advertisements, etc. You can add advertisements to your blog by using an advertising agency such as Google Adsense,, Taboola, etc. 

You need to have your own blog for approval on Ad networks, and at the same time, ad networks keep your traffic in mind. There are some requirements in the case of traffic on very large networks. If you are a new blogger, and there is not much traffic on your blog, so that you can get approve your blog on a network like Adsense or Media.Net, So you can use Advertisement networks like PopAd, Propeller, and RevenueHits.

You can also use direct advertisements on your blog. For which you will have to create a page through which people can contact you for advertisement.

Affiliate Marketing:

You can also earn money through affiliate marketing on your blog. Nowadays most bloggers are using affiliate marketing for earning. This is more profitable compared to putting advertisements on your blog. You can use affiliate marketing on any blogging platform, even on those blogging platforms where it is not allowed to put self-advertisement.

These are some best affiliate networking sites where you can join to earn money from affiliate marketing.

        1. Amazone Affiliate.

        2. ShareASale.

        3. Commission Junction.

Sell Your Own EBook or Digital Product:

Making money by selling your product is really a very great feeling. If you want, you can make a good eBook of your niche and sell it through your blog. Or you can sell useful software. 

Making your own eBook and selling it can become a very good income source for you. You can make an eBook with your good articles and list them for sale on Amazon. And you can promote it on your blog.

Making a Membership Based Blog:

If you are the best on your subject and you can teach others about it. So you can start an online paid course. You can teach people through paid membership. 

Nowadays it is not very difficult to create an online course. You can easily make your online course on Instamojo, or a similar service. Creating and selling online courses is also an easy way to get profit from your blog.

Paid Review:

Paid review is an easy way for all bloggers to earn through the Internet. You can easily earn more than 10$ a post by registering on the paid review service provider website and reviewing the products and sites.

Apart from all this, if you are knowledgeable in any field, and you can use your knowledge to help someone, you can give this service to them for some money. 

You can definitely make a living by blogging. Your blog cannot succeed in a single day, so you have to be patient. And you have to post new posts every day. With which your blog will grow slowly and one day you will definitely succeed.

If you are making money from blogging in any other way, then definitely share it here in the comments.


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