As I said in my earlier post, more than 200 factors are given due attention to the ranking of search engines. But you do not need to optimize all those factors. I am telling you here only those factors which you need to optimize for ranking of search engines.

By optimizing all these factors for search engines, you can easily bring your site or blog to the search engine top. Below I have written about all the important factors.

Search Engine ranking Factors:

        1. Content

        2. Keywords.

        3. The Structure and accessibility of the Site.

        4. Trustworthiness of the Site.

        5. Domain Authority.

        6. Links.

        7. User Experience.


Content is the fuel of any site or blog. Without this, your site or blog cannot survive. Your content also makes a masterful contribution to the ranking of search engines. The quality of your content must be good and unique. Unique means you have not copied the content from any other site.

Search engines will want to send people to your site only when those people find what they are looking for from your site better than other sites. Therefore, it is very important to optimize your content for search engines.


The keyword is the phrase or word which people search by writing on the search bar of the search engine. Using Keywords is most important for search engine ranking. If your site or blog will not have the word searched by the people, then it will not show in the search engine.

It is important to use the right keywords carefully for search engine ranking. Using keywords too much is not good for the health of your site or blog. To learn how to use keywords and use them for better search engine ranking.

The structure and accessibility of the site:

It is also necessary for ranking in search engines that the site should be easy to use, and things should be easy to find on your site. If the visitor has difficulty surfing your site, then the search engines will not like to send people to your site. For that, search engines employ crawlers to crawl your site. If your site is easy to crawl, then your site will rise in ranking.

Put the structure of your site in such a way that anyone can easily surf on your site, and can get the required information easily.

One thing to always remember is that your site or blog should be made for the users, not for your or the search engines.

Trustworthiness of the Site:

For the ranking of your site, the search engines also consider how much your site is trustworthy. The more trustworthy your site or blog looks, the better it will be for search engine ranking.

For this, after visiting your site or blog, people should trust and the content given on your site or blog is Genuine, you are not doing any scam thing on your site or blog. 

Domain Authority:

Domain authority is a matrix between 1 to 10 scales that indicate the strength of your domain. The higher the domain authority of your domain, the better your site will be in the ranking of search engines. A good domain name, age of the domain, etc. can increase the authority of the domain.

If you want to bring your site or blog to a good rank of the search engine, then you must have high domain authority.


There are two types of links, external link, and internal link. External show that your site or blog is important, popular, and trustworthy. And both internal links and External links increase the relevance of the pages of your site or blogs. That's why linking is very important for a good ranking of your blog or site on search engines.

User Experience:

Search engines like Google try to give the best experience to their users. So if a user's experience on your site or blog is likely to be bad, Google will never bring your blog or site to the top rank.

So for ranking search engines, always keep in mind that users do not have any negative experience with your site or blog. Do not try to forcefully give users something that they do not want from your blog or site, for example - Unexpected downloads, Anything that is difficult to read, watch, or use, Misleading titles, something that feels like a scam, etc.

Search Engines keeps changing their algorithm continuously. But the above factors never change. All the factors are connected one by one, and with their good optimizations, you will be able to easily rank your site in search engines.

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